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tr-2002 The Evolution of NFS by Dave Hitz & Andy Watson
tr-3001 A Storage Networking Appliance
tr-3085 The NFS Version 4 Protocol
tr-3107 Antivirus Scanning in Data ONTAP 7-Mode Best Practices Guide
tr-3148 Integrating NetApp Filers into Microsoft Windows Peer-to-Peer Workgroups
tr-3296 DataFabric Manager Distributing data with DFM
tr-4286 Antivirus Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP: McAfee
tr-4290 SAP HANA on NetApp FAS Systems with NFS - Configuration Guide
tr-4306 Building Automation and Orchestration for Software-Defined Storage with NetApp and VMware
tr-4338 SAP HANA on VMware vSphere with NetApp FAS and All Flash FAS Systems
tr-4517 ONTAP Select on VMware - Product Architecture and Best Practices
tr-4518 NetApp All Flash FAS Solution for - Nonpersistent Desktops with Citrix PVS
tr-4597 VMware vSphere with ONTAP
tr-4598 FabricPool Best Practices - ONTAP 9.5
tr-4613 ONTAP Select on KVM - Product Architecture and Best Practices
tr-4617 Electronic Design Automation Best Practices - ONTAP 9.1 and Later
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